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"Results showed that cognitive performance after the yoga exercise bout was significantly superior (ie, shorter reaction times, increased accuracy) as compared with the aerobic and baseline conditions for both inhibition and working memory tasks. ..."
Neha Gothe 1Matthew B PontifexCharles HillmanEdward McAuley in this scientific paper

Hatha Yoga |Meditative Yoga |Yin Yoga

What is a good investment?
-We believe that an investment in employees is an investment in the company



  • We offer yoga to everyone, who wants to give it a go (see our yoga program here)
  • We only work with small groups (max. 10 people)
  • We support each participant individually during the practice
  • We love to teach yoga!



  • You make the company attractive to employees in terms of health policy
  • You support the team spirit with neutral topics of conversation in the team
  • You ensure a better working atmosphere
  • You send an important signal to the employees



1 session costs 13 US Dollars
5 Sessions in one month cost 57 US Dollars
12 months with 5 sessions per month cost 570 US Dollars 

Prices include a permanent point of contact.
We provide information material to the employees and talk about how you can best implement the project in the company.

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