• Simple movements for maximum benefit - physically, emotionally and mentally
  • The purpose of yoga is to achieve peace of mind
  • Our yoga is for everyone! - Regardless of experience 
  • Each session is limited to a maximum of 10 participants
  • The basic idea is to offer high quality individual yoga online. We ensure this through several components:

High Quality Guaranteed 

  • The teachers' knowledge and skills are quality assured
  • Our yoga teachers are characterized by a high level of empathy for our participants
  • All our teaching sessions adheres to our common quality guidelines



  Camera Participation Required

  • This means we can have an eye on each participant
  • Verbal corrections are thus possible
  • It is the only way we can offer you teachings of the highest quality


Simple Equipment

  • Chair with backrest
  • Pillow
  • Comfortable surface (yoga mat)
  • Warm blanket

Verbal instructions only

  • Listening to the instructions makes you focus on yourself, instead of the screen
  • That way, you can better get a sense of yourself
  • The teacher will guide you through the class


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